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Caramel PecanBon Classic

Our signature Classic Roll, topped with decadent caramel frosting and pecans for the perfect crunch. Enjoy one now and save one for later. Our Caramel PecanBon take home 4 Pack is always a winner with family and friends.

Available in single, pack of 2, 4, or 6.

Caramel PecanBon MiniBons

Perfect for a quick treat, these delicious mini rolls are filled with the Makara® Cinnamon you love and baked in a tantalising caramel glaze. Topped with chopped pecan morsels and our decadent caramel frosting, they’re truly irresistible.

Available in single, pack of 6, or 15.

PecanBon Bites Pack of 4

Enjoy 4 of these ooey-gooey™ Bites, laced with Makara® Cinnamon and topped with chopped pecans and a blanket of decadent caramel frosting.