Meet Rachel: Our Bon-derful Mural Artist

Meet Rachel: Our Bon-derful Mural Artist

Ever been to Cinnabon Chester, Newcastle or Leeds? If you have, you may have stumbled across one of Rachel's incredible mural paintings. Inspired by the history and local architecture of each city, Rachel has helped to push our coffee concept in a creative way. We sat down with Rachel to learn about the magic behind her work 🎨 

How did you get started with your art/murals?

From being a child I always knew I would be involved in a creative career but I wasn't sure exactly how. I tried a few things. After finishing my degree in Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett), I worked as a tattoo apprentice. A friend asked me to paint a mural and what started as a side business became my main income. I was busy with both tattooing and painting so I had to make a decision which to pursue, ultimately murals won! 

What inspires you to create your work?

The reason I love murals is their ability to transform a space. I'm not so much a minimalist or a believer in less is more. For me, more is definitely more! So when I see an empty wall or space, there are always ideas conjured up in my mind.  From the shape of an alcove to the buildings in the surrounding area, there's always inspiration lurking round a corner. You just have to have the creativity to find it.

Could you tell us a little bit about your experience with painting murals at Cinnabon stores?

It's been a huge pleasure and privilege for me to be involved in painting murals for Cinnabon. As a family, my husband, daughter and myself already loved the brand. Although, we had only been able to find these at smaller fuel station locations. The opening of new locations was great news. Particularly in Leeds which is local for me. I love the branding. The unmistakable turquoise and blue colors are great to work with. It's a brand that's built to stand out and as an artist that's the kind of thing that excites me. I've met some amazing people and tasted some delicious Cinnabons along the way! 



Let's talk about the painting process. How do you turn simple sketches into a final piece?

Once I have understood the brief for the mural, I tend to prepare a digital mock up which I will then use as a reference. To begin with, I will freehand the drawing on the wall in faint pencil. This will be very rough as this will only be covered in paint eventually. From there I think of it as a jigsaw, I'll piece together the background first and then paint the main image. Eventually things come together with each detail added, but you have to trust the process along the way.

What are your future plans for your artwork?

In terms of my plans for the future of my art. I'm a big believer in things happen for a reason and that positivity attracts good things. I will always continue to pursue painting with the same love and joy. However, I try not to predict the next step but rather go with the flow. So far that's led me to some pretty sweet opportunities... excuse the pun!

So if you happen to come across one of Rachel's incredible murals, we'd love to see your pictures! Tag us on Instagram 💙

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