Arla UK and JÖRĐ

Arla UK and JÖRĐ
Here at Cinnabon, we prefer to use high quality ingredients, so it’s crucial that we partner with the right brands. That’s why we chose Cravendale milk to offer to our customers. Made by filtering milk through ceramic filters to remove impurities, Cravendale is the freshest milk around. No additives, preservatives, or UHT treatment. The milky goodness of Cravendale combined with our delicious coffee makes for the perfect drink to kick start your day. 
‘C.A.R.E’ (representing Cooperative, Animal Welfare, Renewable Energy and Ecosystem) is a new set of farming standards set by Arla. It focuses on the welfare of our cows, helping our farms to be more sustainable and supporting local wildlife. 
If dairy isn’t your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that we also offer oat milk!
Oat milk has taken the alternative milk industry by storm. Despite the popularity of other alt-milks such as almond, soy and coconut, oat milk remains a cult favourite. Famed for its creamy, smooth texture and mild oatmeal flavour, it makes for the perfect addition to coffee. Aside from its delicious taste, oat milk is also a great source of protein, fibre and healthy carbs. 
It was important for us to choose a brand of oat milk that perfectly complemented our drinks. JÖRĐ oat drink was the obvious choice. Made from naturally sweet Nordic oats, JÖRĐ’s light and airy texture is the perfect pairing to both hot and cold drinks. 
Opt for a splash of JÖRĐ in your hot chocolate or latte for a sweet and creamy taste experience.

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